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Primary Language
(57 people groups)
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Photo People Group Country Population Progress Scale
 Baloch Ahmadani Pakistan 25,000
Baloch Baghlani Pakistan 3,900
Baloch Bhand Pakistan 1,600
Baloch Bugti Pakistan 172,000
Baloch Buzdar Pakistan 50,000
 Baloch Chandia Pakistan 152,000
 Baloch Dashti Pakistan 62,000
Baloch Drishak Pakistan 27,000
Baloch Firozi Pakistan 2,400
 Baloch Gabol Pakistan 138,000
Baloch Gaddi Pakistan 22,000
Baloch Ghazlani Pakistan 7,000
Baloch Gichki Pakistan 47,000
 Baloch Gopang Pakistan 138,000
Baloch Gurchani Pakistan 22,000
 Baloch Gurmani Pakistan 46,000
Baloch Hijana Pakistan 16,000
Baloch Hot Pakistan 104,000
Baloch Jaliani Pakistan 3,200
 Baloch Jatoi Pakistan 283,000
Baloch Jishkani Pakistan 8,000
Baloch Juglani Pakistan 2,200
Baloch Kabjani Pakistan 4,200
Baloch Kashk Pakistan 7,500
 Baloch Khetran Pakistan 48,000
Baloch Khushk (Rind) Pakistan 31,000
 Baloch Korai Pakistan 129,000
Baloch Kulachi Pakistan 79,000
 Baloch Laghari Pakistan 121,000
 Baloch Lashari Pakistan 208,000
Baloch Lehri (Leghari) Pakistan 14,000
Baloch Lukani Pakistan 6,100
Baloch Lund Pakistan 49,000
Baloch Madari Pakistan 2,400
Baloch Manjwani Pakistan 6,600
 Baloch Mari Pakistan 166,000
Baloch Marrani Pakistan 25,000
 Baloch Mashori Pakistan 21,000
Baloch Mastoi Pakistan 13,000
Baloch Mazari Pakistan 54,000
Baloch Muhammadani Pakistan 5,500
Baloch Mulkani Pakistan 5,300
Baloch Nutkani Pakistan 49,000
Baloch Pachar Pakistan 3,400
Baloch Palafi Pakistan 67,000
Baloch Qaisrani Pakistan 57,000
Baloch Qasrani Pakistan 41,000
Baloch Rangreza Pakistan 1,700
Baloch Rind Khosa Pakistan 148,000
Baloch Rind Lanjwani Pakistan 2,300
Baloch Sakhiani Pakistan 18,000
Baloch Sarani Pakistan 17,000
Baloch Sarban Pakistan 1,000
Baloch Sargana Pakistan 7,100
Baloch Umrani Pakistan 17,000
 Baloch unspecified Pakistan 2,446,000
 Jatt (Muslim traditions) Pakistan 760,000
  Totals:  57     57
Secondary Language
(73 people groups)
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Photo People Group Country Population Progress Scale
 Arain (Muslim traditions) Pakistan 11,284,000
 Awan Pakistan 5,598,000
Baloch Dombki Pakistan 126,000
 Baloch Jalbani Pakistan 238,000
Baloch Jarwar Pakistan 33,000
Baloch Kaudai Pakistan 75,000
Baloch Khandrani Pakistan 8,900
Baloch Langah Pakistan 140,000
Baloch Lashkrani Pakistan 24,000
Baloch Magasi Pakistan 88,000
Baloch Makrai Pakistan 5,000
Baloch Mengal Pakistan 269,000
Baloch Mirali Pakistan 19,000
Baloch Mohammad Shahi Pakistan 21,000
Baloch Mullazai Pakistan 80,000
 Baloch Rais Pakistan 104,000
 Baloch Rakhshani Pakistan 479,000
 Baloch Rind Pakistan 1,397,000
Baloch Rind Buledi Pakistan 168,000
Baloch Rind Jamali Pakistan 49,000
Baloch Rind Lashari Pakistan 39,000
Baloch Sangur Pakistan 149,000
 Baloch Sanjrani Pakistan 15,000
Baloch Sethwi (Rind) Pakistan 26,000
Baloch Shambhani Pakistan 109,000
Baloch Taipur Pakistan 19,000
Baloch Tauki Pakistan 19,000
 Banjara (Muslim traditions) Pakistan 98,000
Brahui (original nucleus) Pakistan 506,000
 Brahui Jhalawan Pakistan 1,212,000
Brahui Nighari Pakistan 34,000
Brahui Rekizai Pakistan 20,000
 Brahui Sarawan Pakistan 600,000
 Brahui unspecified Pakistan 306,000
 Darzada Pakistan 177,000
Dehwar Pakistan 59,000
 Gaddi (Muslim traditions) Pakistan 50,000
 Gujar (Muslim traditions) Pakistan 5,105,000
 Jat (Muslim traditions) Pakistan 13,237,000
Jat Dehia (Muslim traditions) Pakistan 363,000
Jat Dhillon (Muslim traditions) Pakistan 460,000
 Jat Gahlot (Muslim traditions) Pakistan 1,666,000
 Jat Gil (Muslim traditions) Pakistan 537,000
 Jat Kharral (Muslim traditions) Pakistan 1,198,000
 Jat Sidhu (Muslim traditions) Pakistan 622,000
 Jat Sindhu (Muslim traditions) Pakistan 976,000
 Kuchi Afghan refugee Pakistan 724,000
Lassi Pakistan 174,000
Lori Pakistan 67,000
Med Pakistan 26,000
Mugheri Pakistan 68,000
Nakib Pakistan 112,000
Pakhiwara Pakistan 42,000
 Pashtun Pakistan 31,637,000
Pashtun Babai (Babi) Pakistan 43,000
Pashtun Barech Pakistan 43,000
Pashtun Durrani Pakistan 631,000
Pashtun Ghilzai Pakistan 643,000
Pashtun Hanbhi Pakistan 101,000
Pashtun Jafar Pakistan 22,000
 Pashtun Kakar Pakistan 1,397,000
Pashtun Kasi Pakistan 55,000
Pashtun Luni Pakistan 63,000
Pashtun Pani (Babilzai) Pakistan 205,000
Pashtun Safi Pakistan 416,000
Pashtun Shirani Pakistan 163,000
Pashtun Tarin Pakistan 863,000
 Pashtun Yusafzai Pakistan 3,554,000
Pashtun Zhmaryani Pakistan 130,000
 Rajput (Muslim traditions) Pakistan 5,152,000
 Sayyid Pakistan 6,519,000
 Shaikh Pakistan 11,782,000
Sorozai Pakistan 57,000
  Totals:  73     73

Language Alternate Names
Eastern Hill Balochi

Dera Ghazi Khan

Dialect Alternate Names
Balochi, Eastern
Baluchi: Dera Ghazi Khan

Bible Translation Year / Status
Bible Portions 1815-1906
New Testament 2013
Complete Bible None Reported

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