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Global Summary An overview of the people groups of the world
People Groups: 17,433
Unreached Groups: 7,398
% Unreached Groups: 42.4%

Population: 7.83 Billion
Popl in Unreached: 3.27 Billion
% Popl in Unreached: 41.8%
People Groups by Progress Scale

Explore unreached peoples Unreached groups lack enough followers of Christ and resources to evangelize their own people

Frontier Peoples Get involved with frontier unreached peoples that have no reported self-sustaining gospel movement

Frontier Unreached Peoples lack movements, but globally 1426 movements are being tracked.
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Population: 7,577,000
Religion: Buddhism

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Great Commission Perspectives Explore the people group hierarchy
Affinity Blocs (16)
People mega-blocs by region or cultural roots
People Clusters (271)
Strategic clusters of people groups
People Groups Across Countries (10,330)
Ethnicities without geo-political boundaries
People Groups In Countries (17,433) *
Ethnicities including geo-political boundaries
* Traditional way of counting people groups
Sub-Groups (2,254)
Segments of people groups that may or may not need a distinct church planting effort

31 Frontier Peoples Booklet Prayer guide for the 31 largest Frontier People groups without a movement
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