Seeking God's Glory Among All Peoples
Global Dashboard An overview of the people groups of the world
People Groups: 17,316
Unreached Groups: 7,282
% Unreached Groups: 42.1%

Population: 8.08 Billion
Popl in Unreached: 3.43 Billion
% Popl in Unreached: 42.5%
People Groups by Progress Scale

Explore unreached peoples Unreached groups lack enough followers of Christ and resources to evangelize their own people

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Frontier Peoples Explore Frontier Unreached Peoples - few, if any, Christ-followers and no gospel movement
Frontier Peoples relationship to all people groups All People Groups Unreached Peoples Frontier Peoples Largest Frontier Peoples

The largest Frontier Peoples may represent the most strategic missions objective today.
Frontier Peoples Booklets Prayer guides for frontier unreached peoples without a movement
31 Largest
31 Largest Frontier Peoples prayer guide
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Children's Prayer
31 Largest Frontier Peoples childrens prayer guide
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Coordinated Resources Daily prayer for a country and an unreached people group in that country.
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