Frontier Unreached Peoples


Who are Frontier Unreached People Groups?

Frontier People Groups (FPGs) are Unreached People Groups with estimated Christian Adherents less than or equal to 0.1% and no confirmed, sustained gospel movement. Joshua Project data shows 4,971 Frontier People Groups with total population 2,004,097,000. One fourth of the world lives in these FPGs and have almost no chance of hearing about Jesus from someone in their own people group. About HALF the population of all FPGs live in just 38 groups, each ten million and over in population.

How neglected are Frontier People Groups?

The vast majority of mission prayer, giving and laborers focuses on strengthening Christians where Christians are already present. Only a tiny portion of mission prayer and resources go to Unreached People Groups at all, and only a tiny fraction of this goes to Frontier Unreached People Groups. Very few mission agencies and churches send even 1% of their missionaries to Frontier Peoples.

Why are Gospel Movements necessary among Frontier People Groups?

In Frontier People Groups, Christianity is often viewed as a competing foreign political and religious force that threatens to pull apart families and communities. Evangelism and church-planting that encourages or expects individuals to leave their families reinforces these fears. FPGs are best reached through gospel movements which bring God’s blessing to heal and strengthen families and communities.

Frontier Peoples Listings / Maps

By Population

All Frontier Peoples
4,971 (100%)
2,004,097,000 (100%)

100,000 and above
1,297 (26%)
1,927,287,000 (96%)

500,000 and above
485 (10%)
1,744,977,000 (87%)

1 million and above
291 (6%)
1,611,871,000 (80%)

10 million and above
38 (1%)
888,049,000 (44%)

Frontier Peoples Videos

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Frontier Peoples Powerpoints

The Remaining Mission Task

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La Tarea Misionera Fronteriza

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Como Entender o trabalho Missionário

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The Big Picture

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