Unreached People Articles

By Joshua Project

What is a People Group?
Overview of what distinguishes one people group from another.
How Many People Groups are There?
Helps provide insight into the various counts of unreached peoples.
Making a People Group List
How Joshua Project developed a list of people groups.
Global People Group Lists: An Overview
A comparison of the major global people group lists.
Why Include % Professing Christian in Unreached Definition?
Why use % Professing Christian as part of the definition of unreached.
What is the 10/40 Window?
An overview of this strategic region of the world.
South Asia People Group Lists
A brief history and overview of South Asia people group lists.
Why Use Caste to Define Peoples?
Why a caste focus is needed for church planting movements in South Asia.
What Are South Asia Communities? (PDF)
Answers the question are South Asia castes and communities the same thing?
Why Include Religion When Defining South Asia Peoples? (PDF)
Why religion is important when defining people groups in South Asia.
Glossary of South Asia People Group Terms
What do terms like community, caste, ST, SC, OBC, FC and Dalit mean?.
Are People Groups the Same as Language Groups?
Distinguishing between language groups and people groups.
Why the Deaf are Considered a People Group (PDF)
Understanding why the Deaf are considered a distinct people group.
Why People Clusters?
Why are People Clusters a strategic concept?
Affinity Blocs and People Clusters (PDF)
An approach toward strategic insight and mission partnership.
The Challenge of South Asia People Clusters (PDF)
Understanding the challenges of People Clusters in South Asia
Has Everyone Heard?
Challenging the idea that most everyone has heard of Jesus Christ.
Ideas for Developing Mission Vision (PDF)
Dozens of ideas for developing Great Commission and unreached peoples vision.
Hijacking "Unreached"
Can the meaning of one term hinder the spread of the Gospel?
A Balanced People Group Focus (PDF)
Unengaged unreached people groups (UUPGs) and unreached people groups (UPGs).
Evangelism vs. Disciple Making
Implications to the fulfillment of the Great Commission.
Facebook and Unreached People
How to use Facebook to impact an unreached people group.

By Others

People Groups and the Bible
Are people groups a recent social science invention or are they a Scriptural concept? (Datema)
The 2% - Know the Limitations
Defining "unreached people groups" is fraught with problems. (Esler)
Defining Unreached: A Short History
The development of unreached peoples definitions and their relevance today. (Datema)
Reclaiming the Meaning of Unreached
Why we must return to the true meaning of 'Unreached'. (Newell)
Reimagining Missions: Honouring Data in Missions
How data can help inform and guide outreach strategy. (Maynard)
Frontier Peoples: An Introduction
What are Frontier Peoples and why are they so important? (Butler)
Bringing Back the King of Kings
People Group Adoption: God’s Supernatural Way for Mission Breakthroughs. (Robb)
Focus! The Power of People Group Thinking
A practical manual for planning effective strategies to reach the unreached. (Robb)
Prophetic vs Strategic Listmaking
Insights on the shifting role and challenges of people group lists. (Long)
Movements: How Peoples Are Reached (PDF)
A more fruitful way to "reach the unreached"? (Butler)
What Happened to People Group Thinking?
Revisiting the Biblical mandate to make disciples of all people groups. (Parks)
People Group Strategy for South Asia (PDF)
A strategy for the evangelization of South Asia. (SD Ponraj)
Call to the Nations Bible Study (PDF)
Tracing the concept of nations through the Bible.
101 Ways to Impact the World
Creative and effective ways to mobilize when travel is limited. (The Traveling Team)
30 Ways to Stay Alive to Missions (PDF)
30 key ways to cultivate and sustain a passion for missions. (Desiring God)
God’s Global Mission Clarified
Making Sense Out of the Verbiage Surrounding Missions (Newell)
Does ethne in Mt 28:19 Include South Asia Communities? (PDF)
An in-depth look at the term "ethne" to determine if South Asia castes / communities should be considered people groups. (Bush)
Overcoming South Asia Frontier People Barriers (PDF)
Toward practical overcoming of the barriers keeping us from succeeding among Frontier People Groups in South Asia. (Lewis)
From Many to One (PDF)
Narrowing the focus to a single people group. (Mission Frontiers)
A Comparison of People Group Terms (PDF)
Comparing terms found in CPPI, Joshua Project, and World Christian databases.
Why Participate in the Great Commission? (PDF)
The priorities and urgency of Great Commission involvement. (Pitterle)
Do People Groups Still Matter? (PDF)
Do people groups still matter in modern missions thinking? (Mission Frontiers)
The Blessing (PDF)
Introduction to Missions Bible Study and Course. (Frontier Ventures)
Essential Elements of the Great Commission (PDF)
Prioritizing essential elements in fulfilling the Great Commission (Eshleman)

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