Regional Booklets

These 16 page, full color, print quality booklets were orginally produced by the AD2000 & Beyond Movement in the late 1990's. The statistical data may be outdated, but much of the text content is still very relevant.

Arabian Peninsula

Arabian Peninsula Booklet

The Arabian Peninsula is a land of stark contrasts. Vast oil reserves lie hidden under equally vast uninhabited deserts. Enormous wealth is displayed in gleaming modern cities, while nomadic tribesmen in the desert cling to their ancient way of life. Read more

Horn of Africa

Horn of Africa Booklet

The Horn of Africa, aptly named for its resemblance to a rhinoceros horn, includes the countries of Ethiopia, Sudan, Somalia, Djibouti and Eritrea. The Horn has closer cultural ties with Arabia, across the Red Sea, than with its neighbors in eastern Africa. Read more


Maghreb Booklet

Endless sand … sun … camels … caravans … nomads … ancient trade routes crossing the emptiness … are a few of the mental pictures that come to mind when most of us hear the words "North Africa". For others the images are more personal and fearful … Read more


Shalom-Salam Booklet

At the core of the region of the world we call the Middle East lies the geographical center of God's biblical revelation. Its history stretches back through the millennia to the dim beginnings of civilization. Today its agonizing search for "peace with justice" occupies … Read more

Turkic Window

Turkic Window Booklet

The Lord has opened a vast gateway and we are compelled by the challenge He has laid at the feet of believers worldwide. Here is the opportunity for which we have prayed for generations, an opening in the seemingly impenetrable wall of Islam. Read more

Women of the 10/40 Window

Women of the 10/40 Window

Throughout the ages, Christian women have played an important role in world evangelism. Often, they have fought against incredible odds and difficulties to carry out the work God has called them to. But they have given themselves willingly and fearlessly to this call. Read more

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