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(79 people groups)
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Photo People Group Country Population Progress Scale
 Abun, Karon Pantai Indonesia 13,000
Airoran, Adora Indonesia 4,400
Aiso, Kais Indonesia 3,000
Ambai Indonesia 39,000
Amberbaken, Dekwambre Indonesia 30,000
Anus Indonesia 1,100
 Ayamaru, Brat Indonesia 97,000
Bapu Indonesia 8,600
Betaf Indonesia 2,100
Biak, Numfor Indonesia 118,000
Biga Indonesia 300
 Bonerate Indonesia 44,000 ☀︎
Bonggo, Armopa Indonesia 2,800
Dabe Indonesia 1,600
 Dayak, Maanyak Indonesia 567,000
Dem Indonesia 1,600
Gresi Indonesia 12,000
Iha, Kapaur Indonesia 27,000
Inanwatan, Suabo Indonesia 7,600
Isirawa, Saberi Indonesia 7,200
Itik, Borto Indonesia 700
Kaiwai, Adi Indonesia 3,100
Kalabra Indonesia 13,000
Karon Dori, Meon Indonesia 24,000
Kawe Indonesia 2,300
Keder Indonesia 1,300
Kemberano Indonesia 7,200
Kemtuik Indonesia 12,000
 Kombai Indonesia 18,000
Konda Indonesia 2,300
Kurudu Indonesia 9,400
Kwesten Indonesia 9,600
Legenyem Indonesia 1,000
Liki Indonesia 1,000
Maden, Sapran Indonesia 2,300
Mairasi, Faranyao Indonesia 13,000
Manem, Jeti Indonesia 2,400
Manem, Yeti Papua New Guinea 1,300
Manikion Indonesia 58,000
Marengge Indonesia 200
Massep Indonesia 300
Matbat Indonesia 4,900
Mawes Indonesia 3,100
 Meax, Mejah Indonesia 57,000
Mekwei, Menggwei Indonesia 5,800
Meninggo, Moskona Indonesia 33,000
Meoswar Indonesia 1,100
Mer Indonesia 300
Moi, Mosana Indonesia 20,000
Moraid Indonesia 5,000
Nafri Indonesia 10,000
Nimboran Indonesia 17,000
Onin, Sepa Indonesia 2,000
Ormu Indonesia 2,500
Pauwi, Yoke Indonesia 600
Podena Indonesia 700 ☀︎
Pom Indonesia 9,600
Roon Indonesia 4,700
Seget Indonesia 5,700
Sekar Indonesia 2,700
Senggi Indonesia 800
Sentani, Buyaka Indonesia 124,000
Serui-Laut Indonesia 4,800
Taikat Indonesia 3,400
Tanahmerah, Sumeri Indonesia 2,900
Tarpia Indonesia 2,300
Tehit Indonesia 38,000
Tepera, Tanahmerah Indonesia 17,000
Tumawo, Sko Indonesia 2,500
Waioli Indonesia 14,000
Wakde Indonesia 1,900
Warembori Indonesia 2,400
Waris Indonesia 4,600
Waris Papua New Guinea 6,300
Waropen, Wonti Indonesia 29,000
Woi Indonesia 6,000
Yahadian, Nerigo Indonesia 2,200
 Yamdena, Jamden Indonesia 166,000
Yarsun Indonesia 900
  Totals:  79     3

Language Alternate Names
Bahasa Tanah
Logat Papua
Melayu Papua

Bird’s Head Malay
Melayu Papua
North Papua Malay
Serui Malay
South Coast Malay

Dialect Alternate Names
Indonesian: Irian Jaya
Melaju: Nieuw Guinea
Nieuw Guinea
Papuan Malay

Bible Translation Year / Status
Bible Portions 2013-2020
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Complete Bible None Reported
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