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(62 people groups)
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Photo People Group Country Population Progress Scale
Agta, Alabat Island Philippines Unknown
Ayta, Sorsogon Philippines 200
Filipino, Mestizo Philippines 3,519,000
 Filipino, Tagalog Aruba 800
 Filipino, Tagalog United Arab Emirates 292,000
 Filipino, Tagalog American Samoa 500
 Filipino, Tagalog Australia 121,000
 Filipino, Tagalog Austria 9,000
 Filipino, Tagalog Bahrain 30,000
 Filipino, Tagalog Bermuda 500
 Filipino, Tagalog Belgium 3,500
 Filipino, Tagalog Brunei 10,000
 Filipino, Tagalog Canada 540,000
 Filipino, Tagalog Cayman Islands 900
 Filipino, Tagalog Northern Mariana Islands 9,700
 Filipino, Tagalog Cyprus 11,000
 Filipino, Tagalog Denmark 11,000
 Filipino, Tagalog Egypt 3,300
 Filipino, Tagalog Ireland 14,000
 Filipino, Tagalog Finland 2,400
 Filipino, Tagalog Micronesia, Federated States 800
 Filipino, Tagalog France 23,000
 Filipino, Tagalog Germany 39,000
 Filipino, Tagalog Guam 49,000
 Filipino, Tagalog Greece 8,500
 Filipino, Tagalog China, Hong Kong 184,000
 Filipino, Tagalog Iceland 600
 Filipino, Tagalog British Indian Ocean Territory 200
 Filipino, Tagalog Israel 22,000
 Filipino, Tagalog Italy 137,000
 Filipino, Tagalog Indonesia 85,000
 Filipino, Tagalog Japan 487,000
 Filipino, Tagalog Jordan 9,800
 Filipino, Tagalog Korea, South 58,000
 Filipino, Tagalog Kuwait 181,000
 Filipino, Tagalog Laos 1,700
 Filipino, Tagalog Lebanon 16,000
 Filipino, Tagalog China, Macau 20,000
 Filipino, Tagalog Oman 89,000
 Filipino, Tagalog Malaysia 506,000
 Filipino, Tagalog Libya 13,000
 Filipino, Tagalog Nigeria 22,000
 Filipino, Tagalog Netherlands 26,000
 Filipino, Tagalog Norway 27,000
 Filipino, Tagalog New Zealand 74,000
 Filipino, Tagalog Papua New Guinea 15,000
 Filipino, Tagalog Palau 2,800
 Filipino, Tagalog Qatar 118,000
 Filipino, Tagalog Marshall Islands 300
 Filipino, Tagalog Saudi Arabia 1,018,000
 Filipino, Tagalog Singapore 161,000
 Filipino, Tagalog Spain 38,000
 Filipino, Tagalog Sweden 3,600
 Filipino, Tagalog Switzerland 17,000
 Filipino, Tagalog Türkiye (Turkey) 4,000
 Filipino, Tagalog Taiwan 153,000
 Filipino, Tagalog United Kingdom 152,000
 Filipino, Tagalog United States 2,796,000
 Filipino-Chinese, Mestizo Philippines 587,000
Jewish, Tagalog-speaking Philippines 100
Ratagnon Philippines 2,400
 Tagalog Philippines 32,903,000
  Totals:  62     1
(38 people groups)
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Photo People Group Country Population Progress Scale
Agta, Camarines Norte Philippines 4,800
 Agta, Dupaninan Philippines 2,000
Agta, Mt. Iraya Philippines 600
Agta, Mt. Iriga Philippines 3,800
 Agta, Remontado Philippines 3,900
 Agta, Umiray Philippines 5,300
Agutaynon Philippines 20,000
Alangan Philippines 3,100
 Alta, Northern Philippines 600
Ayta, Ambala Philippines 3,500
 Ayta, Bataan Philippines 1,200
 Ayta, Mag-Antsi Philippines 15,000
Ayta, Mag-Indi Philippines 48,000
 Bolinao Sambal Philippines 138,000
 Bugkalot Philippines 98,000
Buhid, Bukil Philippines 15,000
 Hanunoo Philippines 24,000
Ibanag, Ybanag Philippines 960,000
Inagta Alabat Philippines 200
 Iraya, Alag-bako Philippines 19,000
Kabulowan Dumagat Philippines 1,000
Kasiguranin Philippines 28,000
 Kiangan Ifugao, Gilipanes Philippines 46,000
 Manobo, Cotabato Philippines 38,000
Masbateno Philippines 1,018,000
Negrito, Aeta Zambal Philippines 51,000
Negrito, Palawan Batak Philippines 3,900
 Palawano, Southwest Philippines 16,000
Paranan Philippines 19,000
Sama, Abaknon Philippines 34,000
Sambal Philippines 108,000
 Tadyawan Philippines 3,800
 Tagbanwa, Aborlan Philippines 15,000
 Tagbanwa, Central Philippines 4,300
 Tagbanwa, Kalamian Baras Philippines 13,000
Tawbuid, Eastern Philippines 1,600
 Tawbuid, Western Philippines 11,000
 Teduray Philippines 75,000
  Totals:  38     3

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Audio Recordings Audio Bible teaching Global Recordings Network
Audio Recordings Online Audio Scripture Talking Bibles
Audio Recordings Oral Bible stories One Story
Audio Recordings Oral Bible stories Story Runners
Audio Recordings Story of Jesus audio Jesus Film Project
Film / Video God's Story video God's Story
Film / Video Video / Animation Create International
Film / Video Jesus Film: view in Tagalog Jesus Film Project
Film / Video Love letter to you from scripture Father's Love Letter
Film / Video LUMO film of Gospels Bible Media Group/LUMO
Film / Video Magdalena video Jesus Film Project
Film / Video My Last Day video, anime Jesus Film Project
Film / Video Rock International: King of Glory Rock International
Film / Video Story of Jesus for Children Jesus Film Project
Film / Video The Hope Video Mars Hill Media
Film / Video World Christian Videos World Christian Videos
General Bible for Children Bible for Children
General Biblical answers to your questions Got Questions Ministry
General Faith Comes By Hearing - Bible in text or audio or video Faith Comes by Hearing
General Faith Comes By Hearing - Bible in text or audio or video Faith Comes by Hearing
General Faith Comes By Hearing - Bible in text or audio or video Faith Comes by Hearing
General Four Spiritual Laws Campus Crusade for Christ
General Gospel resources links Scripture Earth
General YouVersion Bible versions in text and/or audio YouVersion Bibles
Mobile App Android Bible app: Tagalog YouVersion Bibles
Mobile App Download audio Bible app as APK file Faith Comes by Hearing
Mobile App Download audio Bible app from Google Play Store Faith Comes by Hearing
Mobile App iOS Bible app: Tagalog YouVersion Bibles
Text / Printed Matter Bible Gateway scripture Bible Gateway
Text / Printed Matter Cartoon Gospel tract General / Other
Text / Printed Matter Children and youth resources One Hope
Text / Printed Matter Literacy primer for Tagalog Literacy & Evangelism International
Text / Printed Matter Tools for faith conversations Campus Crusade for Christ
Text / Printed Matter Topical Scripture booklets and Bible studies World Missionary Press

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