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(80 people groups)
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Photo People Group Country Population Progress Scale
 Cypriots, Greek Australia 27,000
 Cypriots, Greek Canada 1,300
 Cypriots, Greek Cyprus 794,000
 Cypriots, Greek Greece 11,000
 Cypriots, Greek United Kingdom 57,000
 Cypriots, Greek United States 9,600
 Greek Albania 27,000
 Greek Argentina 42,000
 Greek Australia 239,000
 Greek Austria 13,000
 Greek Armenia 800
 Greek Belgium 29,000
 Greek Bahamas 1,200
 Greek Bosnia-Herzegovina 1,800
 Greek Bolivia 4,000
 Greek Brazil 11,000
 Greek Bulgaria 1,200
 Greek Burundi 900
 Greek Canada 151,000
 Greek Congo, Democratic Republic of 66,000
 Greek Chile 7,200
 Greek Cameroon 5,500
 Greek Cuba 2,400
 Greek Cyprus 20,000
 Greek Denmark 3,400
 Greek Egypt 65,000
 Greek Ireland 600
 Greek Ethiopia 1,000
 Greek Czechia 700
 Greek France 64,000
 Greek Germany 350,000
 Greek Greece 8,363,000
 Greek Hungary 4,600
 Greek Israel 3,700
 Greek Italy 5,600
 Greek Jordan 2,200
 Greek Kuwait 1,700
 Greek Lebanon 5,100
 Greek Luxembourg 600
 Greek Libya 8,000
 Greek Malawi 5,900
 Greek North Macedonia 600
 Greek Monaco 200
 Greek Mexico 10,000
 Greek Mozambique 13,000
 Greek Netherlands 30,000
 Greek Norway 1,100
 Greek New Zealand 2,800
 Greek Paraguay 3,100
 Greek Peru 6,800
 Greek Poland 2,100
 Greek Panama 3,600
 Greek Portugal 1,500
 Greek Papua New Guinea 1,300
 Greek Serbia 700
 Greek Romania 3,300
 Greek Russia 86,000
 Greek Saudi Arabia 3,700
 Greek South Africa 21,000
 Greek Sierra Leone 1,300
 Greek Spain 4,000
 Greek Sweden 13,000
 Greek Syria 6,000
 Greek Switzerland 17,000
 Greek Türkiye (Turkey) 13,000
 Greek Turkmenistan 800
 Greek Tanzania 38,000
 Greek United Kingdom 58,000
 Greek United States 414,000
 Greek Uruguay 14,000
 Greek Uzbekistan 5,600
 Greek Venezuela 6,100
 Greek Zambia 11,000
 Greek Zimbabwe 8,800
 Jewish, Greek Cyprus 300
 Jewish, Greek Greece 3,100
 Jewish, Spanish Greece 1,000
 Karakachan Bulgaria 2,300
 Romani, Greek Greece 47,000
 Sarakatsani, Karakachan Greece 6,500
  Totals:  80     3
(6 people groups)
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Photo People Group Country Population Progress Scale
 Aromanian Greece 197,000
 Greek Georgia 84,000
 Greek Kazakhstan 15,000
 Greek Ukraine 69,000
 South Asian, general Cyprus 16,000
 South Asian, general Greece 119,000
  Totals:  6     2

Language Alternate Names
Mariupol Greek (Crimeo-Rumeic)

Cypriot Greek
Mariupol Greek
Northern Estonian

Dialect Alternate Names
Greek: Cypriot Greek
Greek: Dimotiki
Greek: Katharevousa
Greek: Mariupol
Greek: Saracatsan
Mariupol Greek

Bible Translation Year / Status
Bible Portions 1547-1949
New Testament 1638-1989
Complete Bible 1840-2003

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Audio Recordings Online Audio Scripture Talking Bibles
Audio Recordings Story of Jesus audio Jesus Film Project
Film / Video God's Story video God's Story
Film / Video Jesus Film: view in Greek Jesus Film Project
Film / Video Love letter to you from scripture Father's Love Letter
Film / Video Magdalena video Jesus Film Project
Film / Video My Last Day video, anime Jesus Film Project
Film / Video Story of Jesus for Children Jesus Film Project
Film / Video World Christian Videos World Christian Videos
General Bible for Children Bible for Children
General Biblical answers to your questions Got Questions Ministry
General Faith Comes By Hearing - Bible in text, audio, video Faith Comes by Hearing
General Four Spiritual Laws Campus Crusade for Christ
General Gospel resources links Scripture Earth
General Walk with the Prophets and meet the Messiah Al Massira
General YouVersion Bible versions in text and/or audio YouVersion Bibles
Mobile App Android Bible app: Greek YouVersion Bibles
Mobile App Download audio Bible app as APK file Faith Comes by Hearing
Mobile App Download audio Bible app as APK file Faith Comes by Hearing
Mobile App Download audio Bible app as APK file Faith Comes by Hearing
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Text / Printed Matter Bible Gateway scripture Bible Gateway
Text / Printed Matter Children and youth resources One Hope
Text / Printed Matter Jesus Messiah comic book General / Other
Text / Printed Matter Literacy primer for Greek Literacy & Evangelism International
Text / Printed Matter Tools for faith conversations Campus Crusade for Christ
Text / Printed Matter Topical Scripture booklets and Bible studies World Missionary Press