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Kogi in Colombia

Kogi in Colombia
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Kogi in Colombia

The Kogi people have lived in the mountains of Colombia for hundreds of years. They wear white, homespun, plant-based clothes. Living in round huts made with stone, mud and palm leaves, they bar outsiders from their ancestral lands. "Aluna" or "The Great Mother" is the creator goddess they worship. The Kogi worldview embraces dualism—good/evil, heat/cold, light/dark, male/female and right/left—to keep society balanced. When a person dies, the Mamas (tribal priests) return him back to the uterus of Mother Goddess.

Ministry Obstacles

Their literacy rate is extremely low, so they will need audio resources.

Outreach Ideas

Colombian believers can take Christ to the Kogi people, but they will need to take precautions to ensure they are not introducing new diseases.

Scripture Focus

"As soon as Solomon finished his prayer, fire came down from heaven and consumed the burnt offering and the sacrifices, and the glory of the LORD filled the temple. And the priests could not enter the house of the LORD, because the glory of the LORD filled the LORD’s house."  2 Chronicles 7:1-2

Scripture Prayer

Pray for today’s people group to be in absolute awe of the Lord when they hear of His glorious presence.

Prayer Focus

Pray that the few Kogi believers would be taught accurately about God and how they are to live before him. Pray they would not mix animistic beliefs with the purity of the gospel. Pray they would learn to be joyful always, praying continuously and giving thanks in all circumstances. The Kogi tribe must make necessary changes to cope in modern society. Pray the youth would learn to read and gain valuable skills. Pray the tribe would not be exploited by those inclined to take advantage of them.

Kogi in Colombia

People Name: Kogi
Country: Colombia
10/40 Window: No
Population: 20,000
World Population: 20,000
Language: Kogi
Primary Religion: Ethnic Religions
Christian Adherent: 1.6%
Evangelical: 1.6%
Bible: New Testament
Online Audio NT: Yes
Jesus Film: No
Audio Recordings: Yes
Status: Unreached
Progress Level:
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