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Photo People Group Country Population Progress
Primary Religion % Christian
Est. Workers
Needed *
 Hmong Daw Canada 600 Ethnic Religions 20.00 % 3.00 % -
 Hmong Daw China 305,000 Ethnic Religions 1.80 % 1.20 % 6
 Hmong Daw France 11,000 Ethnic Religions 10.00 % 0.50 % -
 Hmong Daw Laos 382,000 Ethnic Religions 4.00 % 3.00 % -
 Hmong Daw Thailand 36,000 Ethnic Religions 15.00 % 5.00 % -
 Hmong Daw United States 181,000 Ethnic Religions 35.00 % 3.00 % -
 Hmong Daw Vietnam 1,153,000 Christianity 51.00 % 35.00 % -
 Hmong Dlex Nchab China 21,000 Ethnic Religions 0.00 % 0.00 % 1
 Hmong Leng China 325,000 Ethnic Religions 0.20 % 0.20 % 6
 Miao, Chuan China 200,000 Ethnic Religions 5.50 % 1.50 % -
  Totals:  10     3       13  

Language Alternate Names
Bai Miao
Banded Arm Hmong
Chuan Miao
Forest Miao
Hmong Dao
Hmong Der
Hmong Dleu
Hmong Gu Mba (Hmong Qua Mba)
Hmong Qua Mba
Hmong Qua Mpa
Hmong Rongd
Hmong Xi (Meo Do)
Hmongb Dleub
Hmoob Dawb
Mán Tráng
Meo Do
Meo Kao
Miao Lai
Mong Do
Mong Trang
Pe Miao
Peh Miao
Striped Arm Hmong
Striped Hmong
White Hmong
White Lum
White Meo
White Miao

Bai Qun
Chuan Qing
Hmong Gu Mba
Hmong Shuad
Longlin Binya
Mong Leng
Petchabun Miao
Pian Longlin
White Lum

Dialect Alternate Names
Cingsui Miao: Longlin Binya
Cingsui: Longlin Binya
Hmong Daw: Qing
Hmong Daw: Qun
Hmong Qua Mba
Hmong: Bai
Hmong: Nanxi
Hmong: Pian Longlin
Hmong: White
Man Trang
Meo: White
Miao Lai
Miao: Bai
Miao: Bai Qun
Miao: Baiyan
Miao: Chuan
Miao: Chuan Qing
Miao: Cingsui: Longlin Binya
Miao: Longlin Binya
Miao: Pian Longlin
Miao: Pian Longlin Changmo
Miao: White
Mong: Nanxi
Pian Longlin Changmo
Pian Miao
White Meo: Qun
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