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(15 people groups)
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Photo People Group Country Population Progress Scale
 Kyrgyz Afghanistan 1,400
 Kyrgyz Canada 1,100
 Kyrgyz China 238,000
 Kyrgyz Italy 900
 Kyrgyz Kyrgyzstan 4,822,000
 Kyrgyz Korea, South 5,100
 Kyrgyz Kazakhstan 33,000
 Kyrgyz Russia 138,000
 Kyrgyz Tajikistan 74,000
 Kyrgyz Türkiye (Turkey) 27,000
 Kyrgyz Turkmenistan 1,500
 Kyrgyz Ukraine 900
 Kyrgyz United States 17,000
 Kyrgyz Uzbekistan 537,000
 Turk, Meskhetian Kyrgyzstan 24,000
  Totals:  15     15
(19 people groups)
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Photo People Group Country Population Progress Scale
 Armenian Kyrgyzstan 800
 Azerbaijani Kyrgyzstan 21,000
 Balkar Kyrgyzstan 1,400
 Bashkir Kyrgyzstan 900
 Chechen Kyrgyzstan 1,700
 Dungan Kyrgyzstan 75,000
 German Kyrgyzstan 8,300
 Karachay Kyrgyzstan 1,700
 Kazakh Kyrgyzstan 37,000
 Korean Kyrgyzstan 17,000
 Romani, Domari Kyrgyzstan 600
 Russian Kyrgyzstan 351,000
 Tajik Kyrgyzstan 59,000
 Tatar Kyrgyzstan 27,000
 Turk Kyrgyzstan 45,000
 Turkmen Kyrgyzstan 5,200
 Ukrainian Kyrgyzstan 10,000
 Uyghur Kyrgyzstan 60,000
 Uzbek, Northern Kyrgyzstan 980,000
  Totals:  19     14

Language Alternate Names
Kyrgyz tili
Northern Kyrgyz
Southern Kyrgyz

Northern Kyrgyz
Southern Kirgiz
Southern Kyrgyz

Dialect Alternate Names
Bahasa Kirgiz
Keerkezi yu
Kirghiz: Northern Kirgiz
Kirghiz: Southern Kirgiz
Kirgizisch; Kirgizstan
Kyrgyz: China
Kyrgyz: Northern
Kyrgyz: Northern Kyrgyz
Northern Kirgiz
Northern Kyrgyz
Southern Kyrgyz

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Audio Recordings Audio Bible teaching Global Recordings Network
Audio Recordings Oral Bible stories Story Runners
Audio Recordings Story of Jesus audio Jesus Film Project
Film / Video God's Story video God's Story
Film / Video Video / Animation Create International
Film / Video Jesus Film: view in Kyrgyz Jesus Film Project
Film / Video LUMO film of Gospels Bible Media Group/LUMO
Film / Video Magdalena video Jesus Film Project
Film / Video My Last Day video, anime Jesus Film Project
Film / Video Rivka video Jesus Film Project
Film / Video Rock International: King of Glory Rock International
Film / Video Story of Jesus for Children Jesus Film Project
Film / Video World Christian Videos World Christian Videos
General Bible for Children Bible for Children
General Biblical answers to your questions Got Questions Ministry
General Faith Comes By Hearing - Bible in text or audio or video Faith Comes by Hearing
General Four Spiritual Laws Campus Crusade for Christ
General Gospel resources links Scripture Earth
General YouVersion Bible versions in text and/or audio YouVersion Bibles
Mobile App Android Bible app: Kyrgyz YouVersion Bibles
Mobile App Download audio Bible app as APK file Faith Comes by Hearing
Mobile App iOS Bible app: Kyrgyz YouVersion Bibles
Text / Printed Matter Bible: Comic Book Version Super Bible / Comic Bible Society
Text / Printed Matter IBT, Russia - resources Institute for Bible Translation - Russia
Text / Printed Matter Tools for faith conversations Campus Crusade for Christ

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