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Jordanian Arab in Jordan

Jordanian Arab in Jordan

A minority of Jordanian Arabs are highly educated and serve in the highest levels of society. The middle-class work in businesses, factories, education, and as government employees, but most Jordanian Arabs live at the poverty level. They work in agriculture on land owned by others as day laborers and herdsmen, and extended families often live and work together. Jordanian women are freer and better educated than in most Arab Muslim countries.

Ministry Obstacles

Like members of religious groups all over the world, Jordanian Muslims equate "Christianity" with a worldwide political system. It will be difficult to get them to focus on Jesus Christ.

Outreach Ideas

There are traditional Christians among the Jordanians that could be witnesses of Christ's grace to the Muslims if they would humbly and lovingly approach them as Christ's ambassadors.

Scripture Focus

"From new moon to new moon, and from Sabbath to Sabbath, all flesh shall come to worship before me, declares the LORD."  Isaiah 66:23

Scripture Prayer

Pray that soon all mankind will bow in humble submission to the Lord Almighty.

Prayer Focus

The Jordanians who live in poverty would benefit from new job skills. Most of all, Jordanian Arabs must have the opportunity to hear and accept Jesus Christ. He alone can forgive their sins and bring them the peace that only God gives. Pray that the believers in Jordan would gain a vision and burden to share the good news with their neighbors. Ask the Lord to make the Jordanian Arabs into a ripe harvest field in the kingdom of God.

Jordanian Arab in Jordan

People Name: Jordanian Arab
Pronunciation:jor-DAY-nee-un AE-rub
Country: Jordan
10/40 Window: Yes
Population: 4,737,000
World Population: 4,951,700
Language: Arabic, Levantine
Primary Religion: Islam
Christian Adherent: 2.5%
Evangelical: 0.30%
Bible: Portions
Online Audio NT: Yes
Jesus Film: No
Audio Recordings: Yes
Status: Unreached
Progress Level:
Progress Gauge

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