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Introduction / History

Jewish people have a long history in Persia, today known as Iran. We can read about the experiences of Jewish people like Daniel who lived under Persian rule at the height of their power. After the Babylonian Captivity, many Jewish people remained in what became the Persian Empire.

Today Persian Jews in Israel refers to the community of Iranian Jews who migrated to Israel. They have a deep and strong connection to Iran. Iranian Jews and their descendants, who immigrated to Israel, continue to hold a strong Iranian identity within the state of Israel.

Where Are they Located?

Many Persian Jews live and work in Tel-Aviv. Others are scattered throughout Israel as a result of their livelihood. Many are shop keepers. Some are professionals in various fields of service.

What Are Their Lives Like?

Israel continues to encourage the remaining Jews in Iran to immigrate to their country. Those who remain in Iran are sometimes viewed with suspicion by the Iranian government which has a special hatred for Israel. Older Iranian Jews who immigrated to Israel continue using a Persian language, Dzhidi, although the younger generations commonly use Hebrew in daily life. Many Iranian Jews are prominent in Israeli public life.

Many Israeli Jewish families of Iranian descent celebrate Iranian holidays. While most cannot visit Iran, they often keep in close contact with relatives who stayed behind by phone calls or Internet.

What Are Their Beliefs?

The majority of Persian Jews practice Judaism or live secularized lives. They are emotionally attached to Judaism since it is an important part of their identity as a people. There are no known believers in Jesus Christ among them.

What Are Their Needs?

There are no written, audio, or visual biblical resources available in the Dzhidi language.
This is truly an unreached, unengaged people group.

Prayer Points

* Pray that resources will be developed soon for these displaced people whose origin is Persia, and presently are living in Israel.
* Pray that the love of the Savior who has provided eternal life and freedom from sin will draw them to Himself.
* Pray that there will soon be a disciple making movement among the Persian Jews in Israel that will transform their communities into Christ's likeness.


Profile Source:   Keith Carey  

Prayer / Resource Links:
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People Name General Jew, Judeo-Persian
People Name in Country Jew, Persian
Population in Israel 54,000
World Population 63,300
Total Countries 2
Indigenous No
Unreached Yes
Pioneer Workers Needed 1
Progress Scale 1
GSEC 1  (per
Alternate Names
People ID 19241
ROP3 Code 115645
Country Israel
Region Middle East and North Africa
Continent Asia
10/40 Window Yes
National Bible Society Website
Persecution Rank Not ranked
Country Israel
Region Middle East and North Africa
Continent Asia
10/40 Window Yes
National Bible Society Website
Persecution Rank Not ranked

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Primary Language Dzhidi (54,000 speakers)
Language Code jpr   Ethnologue Listing
Language Written Unknown
Total Languages 1
Other People Groups Speaking Dzhidi
Primary Language Dzhidi (54,000 speakers)
Language Code jpr   Ethnologue Listing
Total Languages 1
People Groups Speaking Dzhidi

Primary Language:  Dzhidi

Bible Translation Status  (Years)
Translation Need Questionable
Resource Type Resource Name
None reported  
Primary Religion: Ethnic Religions
Major Religion Percent
0.00 %
Christianity  (Evangelical 0.00 %)
0.00 %
Ethnic Religions
95.00 %
0.00 %
0.00 %
5.00 %
Other / Small
0.00 %
0.00 %
Christian Segments Percent
Other Christian
Roman Catholic
Profile Source Keith Carey  
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