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Photo People Group Country Population Progress
Primary Religion % Professing
 Ga Mong China 70,000 Ethnic Religions 0.00 % 0.00 %
 Hmong Bua China 66,000 Ethnic Religions 1.60 % 1.60 %
 Hmong Bua Laos 1,800 Ethnic Religions 3.00 % 2.00 %
 Hmong Bua Vietnam 25,000 Ethnic Religions 4.00 % 2.50 %
 Miao, Changshu China 20,000 Ethnic Religions 3.40 % 1.90 %
 Miao, Hua China 770,000 Ethnic Religions 0.20 % 0.17 %
 Miao, Hua Vietnam 4,300 Ethnic Religions 2.00 % 1.00 %
  Totals:  7     6        
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Note:  Only people groups speaking Miao, Chuanqiandian Cluster as primary language are listed.
Other groups may speak Miao, Chuanqiandian Cluster as a secondary language.

Language Alternate Names
Chuanchientien Miao
Chuanqiandian Miao
Core Farwestern Hmongic
Hua Miao
Sichuan-Guizhou-Yunnan Miao
Western Miao

Bai Miao
Black Hmong
Black Meo
Black Mong
Blue Hmong
Blue Meo
Ching Miao
Chuan Miao
Chuanqiandian Cluster
Clear Water Hmong
Dananshan Miao
Dianxi Miao
Downhill Hmong
Flowery Meo
Green Hmong
Green Meo
Hei Miao
Hmong Be
Hmong Bua
Hmong Den
Hmong Dle Ncha
Hmong Dlo
Hmong Dou
Hmong Drout Raol
Hmong La
Hmong Len
Hmong Shi
Hmong Shua Bua
Hmong Sou
Hongxian Miao
Hua Miao
Hwa Miao
Light Hmong
Liuzhai Miao
Lu Miao
Magpie Miao
Meo Dam
Meo Den
Meo Lai
Miao, Chuanquiandian Cluster
Mong Hoa
Mong La Hou
Mong Lenh
Mong Shi
Mong Si
Mountain Hmong
Paddyfield Miao
Red Mong
Red Thread Miao
Red-headed Hmong
River Miao
Sa Pa Hmong
Sichuan Miao
Six Village Miao
Striped Hmong
Tak Miao
Variegated Mong
Western Yunnan Miao
White Miao
Yaque Miao

Dialect Alternate Names
Hmong: Pingtang
Hmong: Quianxi-Pingba-Qingzhen
Miao, Chuanqiandian Cluster: Qing Miao
Miao: Dushan
Miao: Kaili-Duyun-Sandu-Rongjiang-Nandan
Miao: Moyin
Miao: Pingyan
Miao: Qing
Miao: Wangmo
Miao: Wangmo-Luodian
Miao: Ziyun-Zhenning
Qing Miao
Qing Miao: KaiYuan: WuLongGu
Qing Miao: WuLongGu
QingMiao: WuLongGu
Translation Year / Status
Bible Portions None Reported
New Testament None Reported
Complete Bible None Reported
Online / Mobile App Bibles
Not Available
Possible Print Bibles
Not Available
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