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Photo People Group Country Population Progress
Primary Religion % Professing
 Chamorro Northern Mariana Islands 20,000 Christianity 99.00 % 14.00 %
 Chamorro Micronesia, Federated States 900 Christianity 100.00 % 16.00 %
 Chamorro Guam 69,000 Christianity 99.00 % 16.00 %
 Chamorro United States 15,000 Christianity 95.00 % 16.00 %
  Totals:  4     0        
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Note:  Only people groups speaking Chamorro as primary language are listed.
Other groups may speak Chamorro as a secondary language.

Language Alternate Names

Rotanese Chamorro

Dialect Alternate Names
Translation Year / Status
Bible Portions 1908-1992
New Testament 2007
Complete Bible None Reported
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Amazon National Bible Societies
Forum Bible Agencies World Bible Finder
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