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Photo People Group Country Population Progress
Primary Religion % Christian
Est. Workers
Needed *
Cakchiquel, Acatenango Guatemala 800 Christianity 95.00 % 10.00 % -
 Cakchiquel, Central Guatemala 235,000 Christianity 98.00 % 30.00 % -
 Cakchiquel, Central United States 4,100 Christianity 96.00 % 32.00 % -
Cakchiquel, Eastern Guatemala 162,000 Christianity 97.00 % 18.00 % -
Cakchiquel, Northern Guatemala 62,000 Christianity 95.00 % 13.00 % -
 Cakchiquel, Santa Maria de Jesus Guatemala 28,000 Christianity 97.00 % 9.00 % -
 Cakchiquel, Santo Domingo Xenacoj Guatemala 9,900 Christianity 97.00 % 9.00 % -
Cakchiquel, South Central Guatemala 70,000 Christianity 94.00 % 17.00 % -
 Cakchiquel, Southern Guatemala 78,000 Christianity 99.00 % 19.00 % -
Cakchiquel, Southwestern Yepocapa Guatemala 28,000 Christianity 90.00 % 9.00 % -
 Cakchiquel, Western Guatemala 125,000 Christianity 90.00 % 14.00 % -
  Totals:  11     0       0  

Language Alternate Names
Akatenango Soutwestern Cakchiquel
Cakchiquel, Central
Cakchiquel, South Central
Cakchiquel, Western
Eastern Cakchiquel
Northern Cakchiquel
Santa María de Jesús Cakchiquel (Kach'ab'al)
Santo Domingo Xenacoj Cakchiquel
South Central Cakchiquel
Southern Cakchiquel
Western Cakchiquel
Yepocapa Southwestern Cakchiquel

Akatenango Southwestern
San Martin Jilotepeque
Santa Maria De Jesus
South Central
Sur De Sacatepequez
Yepocapa & Acatenango

Dialect Alternate Names
Atitlan Cakchiquel
Cakchiquel Del Lago
Cakchiquel Sureno
Cakchiquel, Central: Patzun
Cakchiquel, Eastern
Cakchiquel, Northern
Cakchiquel, Santa Maria De Jesus
Cakchiquel, Santo Domingo Xena
Cakchiquel, South Central
Cakchiquel, Southern
Cakchiquel, Southwestern, Yepocapa
Cakchiquel, Western
Cakchiquel: Acatenango
Cakchiquel: Central
Cakchiquel: Central: Patzun
Cakchiquel: Chimaltenango & Stgo Sac.
Cakchiquel: Depto de Solola
Cakchiquel: Oriental
Cakchiquel: Patzun
Cakchiquel: San Juan Sacatapeq
Cakchiquel: San Martin Jilotepeque
Cakchiquel: Santa Maria de Jesus
Cakchiquel: Solola
Cakchiquel: Southwestern
Cakchiquel: Sur de Sacatepequez
Cakchiquel: Xenacoj
Cakchiquel: Xenacoj/San Martin
Cakchiquel: Yepocapa & Acatenango
Departamento de Solola
Kakchikel: Chimaltenango
Kakqchikel: Chimaltenango
San Juan Sacatapeq
Santiago Sacatepequez
Santo Domingo Xenacoj
South Central
South Eastern Cakchiquel
Xenacoj/san Martin
Yepocapa Southwestern
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