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Profile Source: Shiv Raj Prajapati

Introduction / History

Per old Indian mythology the Kumhar are offspring of Lord Braham (Prajapati). This is why in some places in India the Kumhar use Pajapati / Prajapat as a surname according to Indian caste system. Ancient Indian culture cannot be deciphered without acknowledging Kumhar.

Where are they Located?

The Kumhar can be found throughout India by different surnames: Verma, Kumhar, Prajapat, Prajapati and Kumawat.

What are Their Lives Like?

The Kumhar's livelihood is making earthen pots. It is very difficult for a Kumhar artisan to maintain his existence with kumbhkala.

They claim to be the first inventors of the wheel / cycle. The Kumhar use it to make earthen utensils. The main profession of this cast is to make earthen products. Historically their main way of earning income has been earthen products and agriculture. They are very honest people and make their livelihood by hard work.

What are Their Beliefs?

The Kumhar are generally Hindu and pray to the Lord Shiva, Godess Mother(Mata). They believe in god, highly spritual, loveable, honest and hard working. In general the Kumhar are loving people.

What are Their Needs?

The Kumhar need education and support for their kumbhkala.

Profile Source: Shiv Raj Prajapati

People Name General Kumhar, Hindu
People Name in Country Kumhar, Hindu
Population in India 14,649,000
Progress Scale 1.1
Least-Reached Yes
Indigenous Yes
Alternate Names Ahitant, Aiton, Ghatakarpur, Ghumiar, Ghurmar, Handa Kummar, Kalam Chettiar, Kembatti, Kir, Komar, Kulal, Kulala, Kulalar, Kumar, Kumbakar, Kumbaniga, Kumbara, Kumbaran, Kumbarar, Kumbhakar, Kumbhar, Kumbhara, Kumbli, Kumbrani, Kumhar Kshatriya, Kummara, Kummaravallu, Kummari, Kumore, Kumrao, Kusavan, Kusavar, Kusawan, Kuyanar, Kuyavar, Langotra, Lehri, Maghaiya, Malari, Maru, Moolya, Narhia, Odari, Pal, Prajapat, Prajapati, Rudraban, Rudrabans, Rudrapal, Salivahana, Sohal, Somara, Takopatil, Vadari, Vellar, Wadiyar
Affinity Bloc South Asian Peoples
People Cluster Hindi
People Name General Kumhar, Hindu
Ethnic Code CNN25n
Country India
Continent Asia
Region South Asia
10/40 Window Yes
Languages & Dialects (speakers if known) - up to 20 shown
Hindi (6,400,000) Telugu (1,222,000) Bengali (969,000) Gujarati (948,000)
Bhojpuri (859,000) Oriya (754,000) Marathi (511,000) Marwari (392,000)
Dhundari (288,000) Kannada (286,000) Panjabi, Eastern (228,000) Mewari (203,000)
Tamil (185,000) Awadhi (162,000) Chhattisgarhi (142,000) Maithili (141,000)
Kanauji (100,000) Shekhawati (90,000) Merwari (82,000) Assamese (82,000)
Languages & Dialects (speakers if known) - up to 20 shown
Hindi 6,400,000 Telugu 1,222,000
Bengali 969,000 Gujarati 948,000
Bhojpuri 859,000 Oriya 754,000
Marathi 511,000 Marwari 392,000
Dhundari 288,000 Kannada 286,000
Panjabi, Eastern 228,000 Mewari 203,000
Tamil 185,000 Awadhi 162,000
Chhattisgarhi 142,000 Maithili 141,000
Kanauji 100,000 Shekhawati 90,000
Merwari 82,000 Assamese 82,000
Largest Religion Hinduism
0.00%    ( Evangelical  0.00% )
Ethnic Religions
Other / Small
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Map Source: Omid / Joshua Project / Global Mapping Intl
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