Bringing definition to the unfinished task. | Highlighting unreached peoples. | Catalyzing pioneer church planting. | There are some 458,000 villages in India with no known Christian presence. | The largest Hindu group is the Brahman of India, population 57,346,000. | 339 of the 550 people groups in China do not have even Bible portions available in their primary language. | The Gond of India speak 106 languages, and the Rajput speak 100. | The Mandarin Chinese have a combined population of over 834,000,000 (all countries of residence). | India has 2,027 least-reached groups, followed by China (456), and Pakistan (444). | The Muslim Shaikh have a combined population of over 218,000,000 (Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, Nepal). | Some 65-70% of the world's population live in religiously restrictive countries. | 830 people groups in Central Asia are least-reached, totaling 437,000,000 individuals. | Census data indicates there are some 25,000,000 Sikhs in India, and 6,400,000 Jains.
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