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Unreached of the Day

The Unreached of the Day app is a great way to join thousands world-wide praying for the unreached people group of the day.

What is the Unreached of the Day app?

The Unreached of the Day app is a mobile application designed to present the Unreached People of the Day. Use the app each day to learn about and pray for a different unreached people group.

What do the Unreached of the Day app profiles present?

Each day, the app presents a different people group profile including a photo, statistics, text, map, Scripture reference and prayer items.

Is every unreached people group featured in this app?

No, only 366 groups are shown in this app. See Joshua Project for a complete list of unreached peoples.

Does the Unreached of the Day app show people profiles for days other than today?

Yes, the Lists page provides a look-up for any of the featured 366 people groups by day of the year, country or people name.

What mobile devices are supported?

The Unreached of the Day app is available for both Apple iOS and Android devices. Once installed, the app does not require internet access.

What languages are available?

Content and App in:
English: Apple iOS and Android
Korean: Apple iOS and Android
Spanish: Apple iOS and Android

Content in English and App in:
Chinese: Apple iOS

How can I send feedback about the Unreached of the Day app?

We highly value feedback and suggestions. Go to the "More or FAQ" screen in the app and tap "Send App Feedback" or contact us.

iPhone / iPad Screenshots

Android Screenshots


These apps were built by dedicated volunteers who are passionate about unreached peoples and languages.

The Android version was built by two student volunteers during the LightSys Spring 2012 Code-A-Thon.
The iPhone / iPad version was built by the amazing Hison Kahng.

Our special thanks to Tumbler, Bacon and Hison for their great work!


We would like to thank several groups for their partnership in providing material to Joshua Project:

World Christian Database
Operation World
Omid South Asia Researcher
Asia Harvest
Jesus Film
Global Recordings Network
Faith Comes By Hearing

Joshua Project Languages

The original Joshua Project Languages app is no longer available. Joshua Project recommends the Kolo World app instead.

What is the Kolo World app?

The Kolo World app allows both oral and literate people of the world to find their heart languages and listen to or view available audio Bibles, JESUS Films, and related content. Playlists can then be created and shared for study or outreach.


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