What is a People Group?

Overview of what distinguishes one people group from another.

How Many People Groups are There?

Helps provide insight into the various counts of unreached peoples.

Making a People Group List

How Joshua Project developed a list of people groups.

Has Everyone Heard?

Challenging the idea that most everyone has heard of Jesus Christ.

God’s Global Mission Clarified

Making Sense Out of the Verbiage Surrounding Missions in an Age of Competing Information - Marvin J. Newell

What is the 10/40 Window?

An overview of this strategic region of the world.

What Happened to People Group Thinking?

Revisiting the Biblical mandate to make disciples of all people groups.

Facebook and Unreached People

How to use Facebook to impact an unreached people group.

Hijacking "Unreached"

Can the meaning of one term hinder the spread of the Gospel?

Global People Group Lists: An Overview

A comparison of the major global people group lists.

Global People Group Lists: A Detailed Comparison

A detailed analysis of the major global people group lists.

Why Include % Christian Adherent in Unreached Definition?

Why use % Christian Adherent as part of the definition of unreached.

Why Use Caste / Community to Define Peoples?

Why a caste focus is needed for church planting movements in South Asia.

Why People Clusters?

Why are People Clusters a strategic concept?

No Christians, No Scripture, No Missionaries

People groups with no known Christ-followers, no Scripture and no missionaries.

Evangelism vs. Disciple Making

Implications to the fulfillment of the Great Commission.

Ideas for Spreading Mission Vision (PDF)

Ideas for developing a passion and vision for missions and unreached peoples.

30 Ways to Stay Alive to Missions (PDF)

30 key ways to cultivate and sustain a passion for missions. (Desiring God)

A Wartime Lifestyle (PDF)

Adopting a wartime lifestyle in the battle to advance the Lord's Kingdom. (Winter)

Affinity Blocs and People Clusters (PDF)

An approach toward strategic insight and mission partnership. (Johnstone)

Amazing Countdown Facts (PDF)

Encouraging progress in fulfilling the Great Commission. (USCWM)

Clash in Worldview and the Peoples of South Asia (PDF)

Viewing South Asia people groups with the correct worldview. (Bush)

Do People Groups Still Matter? (PDF)

Do people groups still matter in modern missions thinking? (Mission Frontiers)

Essential Elements of the Great Commission (PDF)

Prioritizing essential elements in fulfilling the Great Commission (Eshleman)

Finishing the Task (PDF)

What remains to finish the Great Commission task. (Winter / Koch)

From 16,800 to 1 (PDF)

Narrowing the focus to a single people group. (Mission Frontiers)

The Blessing (PDF)

Introduction to Missions Bible Study and Course. (USCWM)

The Highest Priority - The New Macedonia (PDF)

1974 Lausanne address that ignited the unreached peoples movement. (Winter)

What is Success? (PDF)

A challenging discussion of the term 'success" in Joshua 1:8. (Low)

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