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Threats and Challenges

Many Palestinian Arabs live difficult lives in this land, and some are suffering. Educational and employment opportunities are limited and farmers have lost land and other property. Access to irrigation water is limited. In Gaza access to the outside world is very restricted. Christian Arabs are marginalized within their communities. The future appears bleak to young Arabs.

Israeli Jews live with the continual threat of attacks from neighboring countries and regions, including near neighbors in West Bank / Gaza.

Evangelical Arabs and Messianic Jews are marginalized and strongly discouraged from telling others about their faith in Christ.

Warfare within this land could easily and quickly spread to neighboring countries, and even beyond. Major countries of the world could potentially be drawn into the conflict.

Opportunities – the Lord can use this

Arabs and Jews who follow Christ could potentially band together and lead the way in demonstrating how Arabs and Jews can live in peaceful harmony. This would bring honor to Christ.

When people become desperate they sometimes are open to solutions that were not acceptable earlier. Peace has been elusive in this land for more than 60 years. Perhaps some will become desperate enough to seek Christ, the One who is called the Prince of Peace. See Isaiah 9: 6

If political solutions can be found the way could open for Palestinian Arabs to live with hope instead of despair. Many things need to change to allow this to occur.

The Lord has chosen the Holy Land for his presence to be especially manifest in days to come. Jesus the promised Christ will be honored here. Even today he is using current events to prepare people for his coming to this land, and all people will be blessed by it. We shouldn't despair because of present troubles.

Prayer Suggestions

* Pray for a stable and effective government for West Bank / Gaza, a government which knows how to create an environment where its people can thrive, and which truly desires peace with Israel.
* Pray for evangelical Arabs and Messianic Jews to know how to graciously live out their faith without compromise or apology. Pray they will join together to represent Christ well to both Arabs and Jews, to set an example of how Arabs and Jews can live in harmony.
* Pray for the government of Israel to find ways to provide security for their own people, and also be supportive of the peoples of West Bank / Gaza. Pray for the wisdom of Solomon to be given to the Israeli government.
* Pray for churches in this land to be protected, and for Christian believers to live not in fear but in confidence in the Lord's care.
* Pray for all of the people groups in this area (including Bedouin, Samaritans, Druze, etc.) to become increasingly aware of Jesus the Messiah, the Son of God who lived his earthly life here. Pray they will be given an interest in this man, and that He will reveal himself to them in effective ways. Jesus is the one who can bring peace.


"The fruit of righteousness will be peace; the effect of righteousness will be quietness and confidence forever." Isaiah 32: 17

People Groups Impacted

Arab, Palestinian

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Bedouin, Levantine

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Jewish, Israeli

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Main Countries Impacted


West Bank / Gaza

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