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Profile Source: Global Prayer Digest / Keith Carey

Introduction / History

Picture a large shopping center and replace the stores with Hindu temples. This describes the complex known as "Khandea Dham." This complex is filled with a variety of gorgeous temples. The Khandelwal Banias who do not live in this area make pilgrimages to Khandea Dham. For these devout Hindus the pilgrimage is supposed to bring them closer to their gods.

What are Their Lives Like?

Khandelwal Banias are known for their community involvement as business people. They faithfully support members of their own caste. If a Khandelwal man is in financial trouble, members of his community usually provide funds to help him start his business again.
In history we read that the word Bania derives from the Banyan tree. Under the Banyan tree the Khandelwal people once sat and discussed business. Today they no longer sit under the Banyan tree; instead they carry out business in corporate buildings. In the business world they add a monetary percentage to all they sell. The amount is given to a public fund that assists in providing for the construction or maintenance of Hindu temples.

Prayer Points

* Pray for God to send business people who love Jesus to work with the Khandelwals.
* Pray that they will build relationships with the Khandelwals that give them the opportunity to share Jesus Christ with these faithful Hindus.


Some information from "The Scheduled Castes" K. S. Singh, ed. Oxford University Press, USA (1994)

People Name General Bania, Khandelwal
People Name in Country Bania, Khandelwal
Population in India 122,000
Progress Scale 1.1
Least-Reached Yes
Indigenous Yes
Alternate Names
Affinity Bloc South Asian Peoples
People Cluster Rajasthan
People Name General Bania, Khandelwal
Ethnic Code CNN25
Country India
Continent Asia
Region South Asia
10/40 Window Yes
Languages & Dialects (speakers if known) - up to 20 shown
Hindi (51,000) Marwari (20,000) Dhundari (16,000) Shekhawati (3,900)
Gujarati (3,600) Marathi (2,000) Bengali (900) Kanauji (800)
Merwari (700) Konkani (600) Kachchi (500) Awadhi (200)
Bundeli (200) Mewari (200) Bai, Southern (200) Bagri (100)
Dogri (40)
Languages & Dialects (speakers if known) - up to 20 shown
Hindi 51,000 Marwari 20,000
Dhundari 16,000 Shekhawati 3,900
Gujarati 3,600 Marathi 2,000
Bengali 900 Kanauji 800
Merwari 700 Konkani 600
Kachchi 500 Awadhi 200
Bundeli 200 Mewari 200
Bai, Southern 200 Bagri 100
Dogri 40
Largest Religion Hinduism
0.00%    ( Evangelical  0.00% )
Ethnic Religions
Other / Small
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