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The Dhanka are an Adivasi group in India. They number slightly over 400,000 people. Over half of the Dhanka live in Gujarat state with smaller populations in Maharashtra and Rajasthan and a small population in Madhya Pradesh.

Over 90% of the Dhanka are Hindus, but small numbers are Muslims or Christians.

The Dhanka are a sub-division of the Bhil, distributed in Jaipur, Alwar, Ajmer and Sirohi districts in Rajasthan as well as other states. The Dhanka are also known as Dhankia. The population of Dhanka in Jaipur is nearly 100,000 people.

In the past, the Dhanka were forest hunters or engaged in the services of jagirdars / landowners as farmers or soldier guards. After the abolishing of jagirdari nearly 70% of the Dhanka migrated to cities by 1960. The Dhanka often work in elecricity and waterworks departments. They no longer have any land for agriculture and after migrating into the cities, they no longer have farming skills. Dhanka only marry within their caste.

The literacy of the Dhanka is 65%, one of the highest of the tribes of Rajasthan. Although the Dhanka are known as hard workers, they are often very poor. The Dhanka need a proper share of reservation land.

Profile Source: Wikipedia

People Name General Dhanka
People Name in Country Dhanka
Population in India 434,000
Progress Scale 1.1
Least-Reached Yes
Indigenous Yes
Alternate Names Dhunia, Dhunka, Golandaj, Kadore, Karar, Tetaria, Valvi
Affinity Bloc South Asian Peoples
People Cluster South Asian, other
People Name General Dhanka
Ethnic Code AUG06a
Country India
Continent Asia
Region South Asia
10/40 Window Yes
Languages & Dialects (speakers if known) - up to 20 shown
Gujarati (294,000) Bhili (52,000) Dhundari (24,000) Marathi (24,000)
Hindi (18,000) Shekhawati (5,300) Nimadi (4,500) Ahirani (4,200)
Merwari (3,500) Urdu (3,000) Marwari (2,800) Bagri (1,100)
Panjabi, Eastern (800) Khandesi (400) Telugu (400) Konkani (300)
Dhanki (200) Mewari (200) Oriya (100) Kannada (90)
Languages & Dialects (speakers if known) - up to 20 shown
Gujarati 294,000 Bhili 52,000
Dhundari 24,000 Marathi 24,000
Hindi 18,000 Shekhawati 5,300
Nimadi 4,500 Ahirani 4,200
Merwari 3,500 Urdu 3,000
Marwari 2,800 Bagri 1,100
Panjabi, Eastern 800 Khandesi 400
Telugu 400 Konkani 300
Dhanki 200 Mewari 200
Oriya 100 Kannada 90
Largest Religion Hinduism
2.4%    ( Evangelical  0.00% )
Ethnic Religions
Other / Small
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