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Joshua Project's first website was launched in 2001. In those days the Internet was slow, and accessing it from a phone or mobile device was the stuff of sci-fi movies. The goal was to make the list of unreached people groups easily available. At first launch, the website was simply a listing of unreached people groups, but today it has greatly expanded, displaying profiles for all people groups, countries and languages of the world. Joshua Project has continually sought to equip people in missions through adding resources and information.

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Continuing its legacy of offering missions information and resources that inspire and equip, Joshua Project set out to design a new website that would implement suggestions from a user survey and that would be usable on smartphones and tablets as well as on computers. Today, more than 30% of website visitors access the site from mobile devices.

Joshua Project thanks all who gave their valuable input to this new website and welcomes any and all feedback.

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