Urim, Kalp in Papua New Guinea

Urim, Kalp
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People Name: Urim, Kalp
Country: Papua New Guinea
10/40 Window: No
Population: 6,800
World Population: 6,800
Primary Language: Urim
Primary Religion: Christianity
Christian Adherents: 98.00 %
Evangelicals: 16.00 %
Scripture: Portions
Online Audio NT: Yes
Jesus Film: Yes
Audio Recordings: Yes
People Cluster: New Guinea
Affinity Bloc: Pacific Islanders
Progress Level:

Introduction / History

The march of technological advancements across Papua New Guinea has left in its wake unexpected influences that are eroding culture, challenging belief systems and leaving broken families in their wake among the Urim people also know as Kukwo.

Many Urim cannot handle the increase of information and temptations introduced by new roads, internet access and modern media. The youth are being influenced and are less satisfied. They are leaving their villages to find education and jobs while often ending up with neither.

The Urim people are one of a large number of tiny population language groups in the Sepik region of Papua New Guinea. To complicate matters, traditional practices of paybacks and compensations control their actions. Though folks believe they are Christians, when trouble comes they default back into the pattern of ancestor worship and incantations.

For the Urim, there is only one thing to save people from perpetuating this same cycle for generations – God's Word. Jesus explained, "You are truly my disciples if you remain faithful to my teachings. And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free" (John 8:31b-32, NLT).

Families grow their own yams, taro and other garden vegetables They supplement their income from the sale of cocoa harvests.

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