Goriya (Muslim traditions) in India

Goriya (Muslim traditions)
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Map Source:  People Group data: Omid. Map geography: UNESCO / GMI. Map Design: Joshua Project
People Name: Goriya (Muslim traditions)
Country: India
10/40 Window: Yes
Population: 19,000
World Population: 21,200
Primary Language: Urdu
Primary Religion: Islam
Christian Adherents: 0.00 %
Evangelicals: 0.00 %
Scripture: Complete Bible
Online Audio NT: Yes
Jesus Film: Yes
Audio Recordings: Yes
People Cluster: South Asia Muslim - other
Affinity Bloc: South Asian Peoples
Progress Level:

Introduction / History

Goriya people are also known as Gaur. Those found in the Basti Division of eastern Uttar Pradesh have converted to Islam, and now form a distinct community that is separate from the Hindu Goriyas. They are a sub-caste of the Mallah community, and they are traditional ferrymen of the Ganges River. They are classed among the lower castes. Traditionally, the Goriya were fishermen and ferrymen. Though they are Muslims, they are still harmed by the caste system, which affects all communities in India.

Where Are they Located?

Muslim Goriya people live in the Basti Division of eastern Uttar Pradesh.

What Are Their Lives Like?

Like their Hindu counterparts, Muslim Goriyas are farmers, laborers, and some own small businesses. They speak the Urdu language. Muslim Goriyas marry within close kin.

What Are Their Beliefs?

They are entirely Sunni Muslim in their beliefs and practices.

What Are Their Needs?

The greatest need of Goriya Muslim people is to know the one true God who loves them and sent His son to pay the full penalty for all their sins. Audio and visual Bible resources exist in the Urdu language which most of them speak. Someone needs to reach these people with these resources.

Prayer Points

Please pray that Christ followers will soon go to the Goriya Muslim people in friendship and love and earn the privilege to invite them to join God's redeemed family.
Pray for a Disciple-Making Movement to spread throughout the Muslim Goriya community in Uttar Pradesh.

Text Source:   Karen Hightower