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Azeris in Azerbaijan

Azeris in Azerbaijan
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Azeris in Azerbaijan

The homeland of the Azeris was first conquered by the Persians in the sixth century BC. Islam was introduced into the area during the seventh century, AD. Azerbaijani settlements were traditionally divided into villages made up of extended families. In an attempt to protect their culture, marriage within the family was encouraged, often between cousins. Religious practices are less restrictive of women's activities than in some Muslim countries. Many women have jobs outside the home.

Ministry Obstacles

The Azeris have centuries of historical commitment to Islam, not easily changed.

Outreach Ideas

Georgian Christians may be able to carry the gospel message to the Azeris. Gospel radio may also be helpful.

Scripture Focus

"Help us, O God of our salvation! Help us for the glory of your name. Save us and forgive our sins for the honor of your name."  Psalm 79:9

Scripture Prayer

Pray that many from this people group will call out to the Lord as desperately as the psalmist did in this verse.

Prayer Focus

Pray for the followers of Jesus among the Azeri, that they will faithfully fellowship together, be well-taught in the Scriptures, and grow to become mature in the Lord. Pray they will be made new in the attitude of their minds. Pray that the Azeris will increasingly be drawn to Jesus (whom Muslims call Isa al-Masih) as they study the Koran, that they will desire to know more about him.

Azeris in Azerbaijan

People Name: Azeris
Country: Azerbaijan
10/40 Window: Yes
Population: 8,738,000
World Population: 9,893,100
Language: Azerbaijani, North
Primary Religion: Islam
Christian Adherent: 0.40%
Evangelical: 0.22%
Bible: Complete
Online Audio NT: No
Jesus Film: Yes
Audio Recordings: Yes
Status: Unreached
Progress Level:
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