Qassab in India

The Muslim Qassabs (also called Kasai) claim that their ancestors came from Arabia. They are found in many different states of India, especially in the big towns and cities. Their community name Qassab in Arabic means "to cut". They are a professional Muslim caste of butchers who slaughter livestock and sell meat. Many of them are now engaged in business or work as daily-wage laborers. They speak Urdu among themselves but are equally conversant with Hindi.

Ministry Obstacles
Most of the Qassab people live in the northern states of India where very few have embraced the Savior. They are also Muslim. Islamic teachings tend to exclude the most important teachings of Jesus, and they don't leave room for a savior.

Outreach Ideas
Believers can be regular customers of the Qassab butchers, and they can see them during the slower business hours to share tea and have good spiritual conversations. Their work as butchers can easily lead to many Bible stories that have to do with blood sacrifice.

Pray for the followers of Christ
Like almost all Muslim people groups in South Asia, there are probably no followers of Christ among the Qassabs. Pray for workers and for spiritual hunger among this group of Muslims.

Pray for the entire people group
* Pray for the salvation of the Qassab people and that God may send several workers to show them the way to Jesus, so He can meet their spiritual and physical needs. * Pray that they would have a strong spiritual need to find truth and righteousness that will lead them to Jesus. * Pray that soon there will be Qassab believers who will disciple others who will make even more disciples.

Scripture Focus
"The time is coming to gather all nations and tongues. And they shall come and see My glory." Isaiah 66:18

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