Rajput (Sikh traditions) in India

Rajputs are descendants of ruling Hindu warrior classes of North India, but they vary greatly in status from princely lineages to farmers. Due to the influence of Sikhism in the Punjab, a number of Rajput villages in that state converted to Sikhism during the Mughal era. The Rajput influence played a major role in Sikhism by militarizing common Sikhs who were mostly peasants and traders. Many Rajput Sikhs enlisted in the British Indian Army, and many lost their lives during WW II. Sikhs have played a role in protecting Hindu villages from marauding Muslim invaders and are generally well regarded by Hindus.

Ministry Obstacles
Rajputs have considerable status in Indian society, and high status often brings pride. Not many who are proud are willing to accept the free gift of eternal life which God offers through faith in his son, Jesus Christ.

Outreach Ideas
Please pray for indigenous workers, often of humble origins, to have the will and opportunity to take the good news about Jesus to the Rajputs of North India.

Pray for the followers of Christ
It is unlikely there are followers of Jesus Christ among this people group at this time. However, we can pray for those who will soon come to saving faith. Pray the Lord will send teachers to help them begin to grow in numbers and spiritual maturity.

Pray for the entire people group
Please pray the Sikh Rajputs will be given the gift of conviction of sin, and will deeply feel their need for a savior. Pray they will begin to search for information about the savior who has been provided, and that at the proper time the Lord will lead many to himself.

Scripture Focus
Your word is a lamp to guide my feet and a light for my path. Ps 119:105

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