Sanusi Bedouin in Libya

The Sanusi are one of the most unique groups of Bedouin. They have been influenced by both the traditional nomadic lifestyle of the Bedouin and the religious teachings of a prophet known as Sayyid Muhammad ibn ' Ali as-Sanusi. This particular Muslim influence has made them one of the gentler of the Bedouin tribes. Although the Bedouin once considered it degrading to have manual labor jobs, this has changed somewhat in recent years. However, most of them still despise this type of work. Almost all of the Bedouin in Libya are Sunni Muslims of the Malikite school.

Ministry Obstacles
Libya does not provide a welcome to Christian workers, nor do the Bedouin. Creative means of access will probably be needed.

Outreach Ideas
Pray for Gospel radio to reach the Sanusi people and that they will learn of these broadcasts. Pray for excellent programming, to which they will want to listen.

Scripture Focus
"So now we can tell who are children of God and who are children of the devil. Anyone who does not live righteously and does not love other believers does not belong to God."  1 John 3:10

Scripture Prayer
Pray for the believers in today’s people group to live righteously for the Lord and to love their brothers and sisters.

Prayer Focus
There is likely not a single follower of Jesus Christ among the Sanusi people. But please pray for those the Lord will soon call to himself. Pray they will clearly understand that the salvation God offers is a gift from him, not something to be earned. Please pray for peace in Libya, and that there will be a growing openness to Jesus among all the tribes in the land. Pray the Sanusi people will not be overlooked by God's Spirit as he calls many Libyans to himself.

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