Rif Berbers in Morocco
reef BURR-burr

The word "Rif" is an Arabic word meaning "the edge of cultivated area." The Northern Shilha of Algeria and Morocco, known as the "Rif Berbers," are numerous tribes of tough and hardened people eking out an existence on the harsh, uninviting slopes of the Rif Mountains. The Berbers are indigenous to north Africa west of the Nile river, with the densest concentration in Morocco.

Ministry Obstacles
Morocco is quite difficult to enter for Christian workers. Creative approaches are needed.

Outreach Ideas
The Jesus film, God's Story video, and Gospel radio are available in the language of the Rif Berbers. Pray for workers.

Pray for the followers of Christ
Pray for Rif followers of Jesus to be effective in demonstrating how Jesus blesses and heals families and communities. The Lord is building his church among the Berbers. Pray the believers will be properly taught the Scriptures, that they will fully comprehend the Gospel of grace, and become mature and settled in the faith.

Pray for the entire people group
Pray the Lord will reveal himself in ways appropriate to the Berbers, perhaps including dreams and visions. Pray the Berbers be given hearts to seek him.

Scripture Focus
In the same way, you who are younger must accept the authority of the elders. And all of you, dress yourselves in humility as you relate to one another, for “God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.” 1 Pet 5:5

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