Turkmen in Turkmenistan

The Turkmen were mainly a nomadic people for most of their history and did not settle in cities and towns until the advent of the Soviet system of government. Many pre-Soviet cultural traits have survived in Turkmen society, however, and have recently undergone a kind of revival, including the return of a moderate form of Islam. Secularism and atheism remain prominent for many Turkmen intellectuals.

Ministry Obstacles
Constitutionally there is freedom of religion, but in practice there is limited freedom.

Outreach Ideas
The Turkmen believers need training and encouragement to carry the Gospel message to their countrymen.

Pray for the followers of Christ
Pray the Turkmen who know God will become wise in sowing the Word of God among their families and multiplying the blessings of God to other Turkmen households. Pray for the believers among the Turkmen, that they will be accurately instructed in the faith and will grow in their love for Christ and each other.

Pray for the entire people group
Pray the Lord will give Turkmen families understanding and responsive hearts as they hear about the love of Christ. Pray for them to have full freedom of religion in their country, to worship safely as they choose.

Scripture Focus
Yes indeed, it is good when you obey the royal law as found in the Scriptures: “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Jas 2:8

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