Rajput (Muslim traditions) in India

Rajputs, be they Hindu or Muslim, are very proud of their history as military leaders, land owners, and rulers in South Asia. Today many of them have lost their land and their status. Many are shop owners, which might seem like a step up to other South Asian communities, is viewed by Rajputs as a big step down, and even a loss of dignity. Now they have to serve others rather than give orders to others.

Ministry Obstacles
Pride in one's heritage is a stumbling block. Muslim Rajputs look to the past where they made history. It will be very difficult for any Muslim Rajput community to put their hope in Jesus Christ, the Savior who told us that we can only enter the Kingdom of God as humble children.

Outreach Ideas
Believers can listen to stories of Rajput history, and in turn tell stories of God's glory.

Pray for the followers of Christ
There are no known followers of Christ among the Muslim Rajputs of India, so pray for humility and spiritual hunger.

Pray for the entire people group
* Pray for grace and truth expanding into the Muslim Rajput society and that new Rajput believers will learn to love others. * Pray that churches and believers will bless their entire people group in such a way that God's love will change the Muslim Rajput people like yeast changes dough. * Pray for networks of believing families and fellowships that will throw the doors open for others to follow Jesus.

Scripture Focus
"Thus it is written, that the Christ would suffer and rise again from the dead the third day, and that repentance for forgiveness of sins would be proclaimed in His name to all the nations." Luke 24:46-47

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