Kapu in India

In Telugu, the word Kapu or Kaapu means protector. Kapu subcastes have evolved based on occupation. Those who engaged in trade were referred to as Balija. Balijas who took up military service and protected trading caravans were called Balija Naidu. Today many Kapus have diversified into industry, arts, and academia. However, many Kapu are still farmers. Modern day Kapus have banded together to fight for their political rights in the caste system. They have also organized agricultural unions to protect their way of life.

Ministry Obstacles
Fear that Christianity aims to turn individuals from their families, communities and traditions is one means Satan uses to hinder Kapu families and communities from considering the Gospel.

Outreach Ideas
Believers among the Kapu can be trained to engage their families and community in discovering and experiencing God's blessing through sharing and discussing Bible stories.

Pray for the followers of Christ
A few Kapu individuals have identified themselves as Christians in the Indian census. Pray for all Kapu believers to be bold in loving and discussing God's Word with their families and communities, and in seeking a multiplying movement of God's blessing throughout the Kapu people group.

Pray for the entire people group
Ask Father God to pour out His blessing on Kapu families and communities, healing and strengthening broken families and lifting this people group out of poverty.

Scripture Focus
"All nations you have made will come and worship before you, O Lord, they will bring glory to your name." Psalm 86:9

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