Gawamaa in Sudan

The Gawamaa people of Sudan are part of the Baggara people group. They are primarily nomadic cattle herders (the Arabic word for "cow" is baqqara), and their journeys are dependent upon the seasons of the year. The men wear pristinely white jallaybiyas, dress-like cotton robes which reach mid-calf, and pants underneath. The women wear tobes, loose-fitting covers draped about the body and over the head. Men and women do not eat together unless they are married. Spending time together is a vital part of Arab community living, and for one to deny his friends or family this time is highly looked down upon. Because the Baggara as a whole are not an educated people, few are involved in political life. Nearly all Gawamaa Baggara are Muslim.

Ministry Obstacles
Since the Baggara are not highly literate, the good news of Jesus needs to come to them in oral form, as well as in written form.

Outreach Ideas
Those with skills in water purification and treatment could provide help and better health for this people group living in the dry climates of Sudan. There is a great need for help in the Darfur area. Humanitarian aid workers could provide much relief to the Gawamaa and other peoples in the area.

Pray for the followers of Christ
There may not be a single follower today of Jesus among the Gawamaa of Sudan. However, please pray for those the Lord will soon call to himself. Pray they will live holy lives, and learn to be filled with the Lord's Spirit, singing and making melody in their hearts to God.

Pray for the entire people group
Please pray for peace throughout Sudan, and especially for peace between Sudan and the peoples of South Sudan.

Scripture Focus
"And you shall be my witnesses, both in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and even to the remotest part of the earth." Acts 1:8

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