Bawaria (Sikh traditions) in India

According to Bawari legends, they were Rajputs and nobles before the coming of the Moghul armies. The Muslims defeated them and banished them to the forests where they existed as hunters, trappers and gatherers. Today they are considered Dalits or outcastes, and as a scheduled caste, they are eligible for special government jobs and extra university admissions. Today most Bawari Sikhs work in agriculture on land owned by higher caste Indians. Many are still pre-literate.

Ministry Obstacles
Because of a low rate of literacy, many Bawari Sikhs can only be reached through audio or visual means.

Outreach Ideas
Christian workers could reach many of the Bawari Sikhs by coming to them to help their children learn to read and write.

Scripture Focus
"But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves."  James 1:22

Scripture Prayer
Pray for the believers in this people group to become not merely hearers but doers of God’s word.

Prayer Focus
Pray for workers to develop outreach plans to help these workers and their children learn to read and write and present the gospel message to them in audio and visual forms. Pray for a desire for spiritual truth that will lead Bawari Sikhs to the spiritual blessings of Christ. Pray for the Holy Spirit to send dreams and visions of Jesus Christ to the Sikhs. Pray for a people movement among Sikhs during the 2020s.

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