Chain in India

If you were dying of thirst and starvation, would it matter who fed you or gave you water? Yes, if you were from the Chain community in West Bengal, India. The Chain people are very caste-conscious with regard to food fellowship. As landowners, they probably have good status in Hindu society, and there are strong taboos against sharing food and water with those from certain other communities. We do not know if this attitude persists among the very few Christ-followers among them or if it is dying out in today's world.

Ministry Obstacles
Caste-consciousness is an obvious obstacle that limits who may evangelize them. This is one of the reasons why those from the more prestigious castes are not reached. It has been the lower castes who have responded to Christ in the past.

Outreach Ideas
The use of Christian literature and the JESUS Film is caste-neutral, as is music. These would be great tools to show them the ways of Christ. Ideally, someone who is familiar with Bengali-style music could produce worship music that would bless the Chain community.

Scripture Focus
"This makes Jesus the guarantor of a better covenant."  Hebrews 7:22

Scripture Prayer
Pray that this people group believes in Jesus and embraces the blessings of the New Covenant.

Prayer Focus
Pray the few believers among them would not be caste-conscious, but outgoing in witness and fellowship. Pray that God would open this people to Christian witness and break down the barrier of caste. Pray for the Lord to thrust out His chosen vessels as Christ bearers to the Chain people.

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