Gujarati in Tanzania

The Gujarati are primarily classified as the inhabitants of the state of Gujarat, western India. For most, Gujarati is their native language. Many Gujarati have migrated to other countries of the world and are often referred to as simply "Gujarati", even though a number of castes and tribes may be represented. The majority of the Gujarati are Hindus, regardless of their location in the world, although there may be many Muslims among them as well.

Ministry Obstacles
The Gujarati of Tanzania may well have an insular mindset, desiring to protect their culture from those very different cultures around them. This mindset may make it especially difficult to find believing hearts.

Outreach Ideas
Christian workers should be alert to the caste and tribe boundaries within the Gujarati. These may be somewhat hidden to outsiders, initially.

Scripture Focus
"And to whom did he swear that they would not enter his rest, but to those who were disobedient?"  Hebrews 3:18

Scripture Prayer
Pray that today’s people group would enter into God’s spiritual rest by trusting in and obeying His Son.

Prayer Focus
Pray for the followers of Jesus among these people who have their roots in India. Pray they would fully embrace Christ as Savior, not mixing their understanding of the gospel with Hindu traditions. Pray for clarity of understanding and faithfulness in practice. Pray they would be joyful always, praying continually and giving thanks in all circumstances. Pray the Gujarati of Tanzania would increasingly be made aware of Jesus and would be given accurate information about this man and what He taught. Pray that each individual in the Gujarati community would have one or more opportunities to hear, in his or her mother tongue.

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