Kumyk in Russia

The Kumyk are historically a proud people, respected in Dagestan for their literary, artistic and economic accomplishments. This pride, however, is tempered by disillusionment stemming from the destabilizing elements of violence in their region. Islam spread among the Kumyk people of Caucasian Dagestan in the eighth to twelfth centuries. Prior to that time, both Christianity and traditional religion were widespread. They worshiped Tengri and various spirits and demons. Islam is an overlay to these beliefs which remain today.

Ministry Obstacles
The people of Russia's Caucasus region are hostile to Evangelical missionaries.

Outreach Ideas
Workers can reach out to the Kumyk people living outside of their homeland. They can also provide online biblical resources.

Scripture Focus
"Then the proconsul believed, when he saw what had occurred, for he was astonished at the teaching of the Lord."  Acts 13:12

Scripture Prayer
Pray for many from this people group to be amazed at what Christ can do to bless their families and communities.

Prayer Focus
Pray for the Lord to give Kumyk believers understanding about how they are to walk in trusting obedience to Jesus Christ. Pray they would be lights in a spiritually dark environment. Pray for a movement to Christ among the Kumyk people that will spread to other Muslim peoples in the Caucasus region. Pray for an eagerness for spiritual nourishment that only comes from submission to Jesus Christ.

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