Hui in Malaysia

The Muslim Hui people who live in Malaysia originally lived in China. Many left China to establish businesses in Malaysia or to escape religious persecution after the communist takeover in 1949. Even though they share the Muslim faith of the majority of the Malaysians, the Hui are not seen as Malaysians because their family language and ancestry is Chinese.

Ministry Obstacles
The Malaysian government frowns upon trying to "convert" people to something other than Islam.

Outreach Ideas
Radio and TV programs can bring the good news about Christ to the Hui. Hui university students who study in Malaysia can hear the gospel from campus ministries.

Scripture Focus
"And all the people gathered as one man into the square before the Water Gate. And they told Ezra the scribe to bring the Book of the Law of Moses that the LORD had commanded Israel."  Nehemiah 8:1

Scripture Prayer
Pray for an eagerness to hear and heed God’s word among this people group.

Prayer Focus
Pray that the few Hui believers in Malaysia would build relationships with other Hui and tell them the truth about Jesus. Pray that Hui Christians would have a sufficient number of Bibles and trained pastors. Pray that each Hui in Malaysia would have the opportunity to hear the gospel. Pray for rapid growth of followers of Jesus among the Hui in Malaysia in this decade.

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