Mixtec, Mixtepec

Population of Speakers


People Group's Main Language


Bible Status

None, Definite Need

Jesus Film

Not Available

Online Bible

Not Available

Gospel Recordings

Resource in Mixtec, Mixtepec Link
Scripture Bible-in-Your-Language Bible-in-Your-Language http://www.ethnicharvest.org/bibles
Film / Video Luke Video Luke Video [email protected]
Audio Recordings Global Recordings Global Recordings http://www.globalrecordings.net/langcode/mix
Code Value / Links
Language Status
Ethnologue (17th) mix Ethnologue Listing
ISO-639-3 Code mix ISO 639-3 Listing
Linguist List mix Linguist List Entry
Language Alternate Names
Eastern Juxtlahuaca Mixtec
Mixteco de Oeste Central
Mixteco de San Juan Mixtepec

Mixtec, Mixtepec
Dialect Alternate Names
Eastern Juxtlahuaca
Eastern Juxtlajuaca
Mixteco, Mixtepec
Mixteco, Mixtepec
San Juan Mixtepec
Santa Maria Yucunicoco

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